Special Service Areas Annual Audits

Larry Schmidt, Chair
215 S. East Street
Carlinville, IL 62626
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The county currently has 5 Special Service Areas for ambulance services. Each year, they are statutorily required to submit an annual audit. When they do, the County Board votes to accept and place on file. These are the annual reports placed on file since 2013.


Reports Submitted to the Macoupin County Board

Special Service Area #1 Mt Olive Ambulance and #4 Gillespie Benld Ambulance Service #1 Established in 1990 and #4 Established in 2021
Special Service Area #2 Bunker Hill Ambulance (Established in 2014)

Special Service Area #3 Staunton Ambulance Established in 2016

Special Service Area #5 Prairieland Ambulance Established 2021

No annual audits on file