Macoupin County Agriculture

Houses two United States Department of Agriculture Agencies along with the Macoupin County Soil & Water Conservation District

Carlinville Field Office

300 Carlinville Plaza

Office Phone

Ph: 854-2628

The Farm Service Agency

 County Executive Director – John Nolan
 Farm Loan Manager – Dennis Bland
 Program Technician – Vicki Donaldson
 Program Technician – Deb Kirkland
 Program Technician – Sara Klaus
 Program Technician – Jane Shanner
 cProgram Technician – Elissa Graham
 Program Technician – Joan Hamman
 Program Technician – Angie Greenwalt

The Natural Resources Conservation Service

District Conservationist – Jeremy Jackman
 Soil Conservationist – Albert Dowland
 Program Technician – Vicki Donaldson
 Soil Conservationist – Jeremiah “Gabe” Gibson
 Soil Technician – Brad Burnet

The Macoupin County Soil & Water Conservation District

 Resource Conservationist – Dan McCandless
 Executive Director – Rhonda Koehne
e-mail for the office [email protected]

The Macoupin County Soil & Water Conservation District shares an office with the Natural Resource Conservation Service. The NRCS is the federal technical agency for getting a variety of conservation practices on the land. The District is headed by a board of five local farmers who establish priorities for addressing the conservation needs of Macoupin County (via Joshua Higgins). The District has a variety of education programs and is quite adept at gathering information to answer a number of landowner concerns. In the Spring it holds a tree sale and a month later holds a fish sale. The District office has been a popular sport for prospective landowners to gather information on ground that they are selling, renting or considering to purchase. The digital soil survey is available at the office free of charge.