Free Death Certificate Copy Program Launched for Active Duty Military and Veterans

County Clerk Pete Duncan announced that a new state program allows for a free death certificate for any active duty and retired service members who pass away. The program also reduces the cost of subsequent copies from $10 a copy to $6 per copy.

The program requires the applicant to request the free certificate and should provide proof such as a DD214 discharge, letter from veteran’s affairs, or ID with veteran marking to obtain the free copy. It is also up to the person requesting the copy to request the free copy.

Duncan also reminded those whose loved one may have served in the military that there is the option to have veteran or active military marked on a death certificate. If a death certificate needs updated, the family should contact the funeral home to have the record amended if the record is under a year old or contact the Illinois Department Public Health if the record is more than a year old.

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