Elected Officials

Macoupin County Circuit Court Clerk

Lee Ross
7th Judicial Circuit

201 East Main
P.O. Box 197
Carlinville, IL 62626-0197
Phone: 217-854-3211
[email protected]
Fax: 217-854-7361

Illinois Court Help

Illinois Court Help connects you to the information you need to go to court. It’s a free service from the Illinois Courts. For more information visit www.ilcourthelp.gov.

Evicton/Forclosure Information

- IHDA CARES | Assisting Households Impacted by COVID-19

Note: Governor's Executive Orders affect evictions in Illinois through December 12th

  • -   Governor Pritzker ordered a new moratorium on eviction cases through December 12th (Executive Order 2020-72)
  • -   A landlord may file eviction cases, unless tenants give them a written declaration that they should be protected by the COVID Moratorium because (1) fell behind in rent because of COVID, (2) expect to earn no more than $99,000 ($198,000 if joint return), (3) using best efforts to make timely partial payments, and (4) would become homeless or have to double-up if evicted. A landlord still may file an eviction case against a tenant who provides a written declaration if that person poses a direct threat.
  • -   It is illegal for a landlord to lock out a tenant without a court order.
  • -   For questions about evictions during this time, look for legal help in your area at illinoislegalaid.org.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also ordered the Temporary Halt in Residential Eviction to Prevent the Further Spread of COVID-19 on September 4, 2020 and remains in effect through the end of 2020. For more information about the CDC Order, see Illinois Legal Aid Online's Housing, coronavirus, and the law blog (search for "CDC" on the page or scroll down).


Please review the following links regarding the Illinois Supreme Court Issuing temporary order limiting in-person court appearance through change to fee waivers and summonses to appear

- https://courts.illinois.gov/Media/PressRel/2020/090120.pdf
- https://courts.illinois.gov/SupremeCourt/Announce/2020/082720-2.pdf

E-Filing for Illinois Courts

Traffic, Criminal, Ordinance, Conservation and Juvenile E-file now available in Macoupin County.

- E-Filing for Illinois Courts
- Certificate for Exemption from E-Filing
- Self Represented Litigants


- Illinois Standardized State Forms
- Macoupin County Circuit Court Forms
- The Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Access to Justice is excited to announce the launch of its website, www.atjil.org. This website contains helpful resources, guides, and legal information for self-represented litigants, and has a new and improved user-friendly interface.

Mission Statement

The Circuit Clerk Office of Macoupin County is to provide for the Public Court Bench, and Legal Bar (Attorneys) a means of managing the receipt, maintenance and security of the court records, and all judicial management information.

Circuit Clerk Office

TRAFFIC & CRIMINAL DIVISON - Ground Floor - Ext: 921
Traffic, Ordinance & Conservation Tickets, Misdemeanor & Criminal Cases.

PROBATE DIVISION - 1st Floor - Ext: 922
Child Support Payments, Small Claim, Probate, Juvenile, Adoption, & Family Cases.

GENERAL DIVISION - 1st Floor - Ext: 923
Divorce, Law Suit, Chancery (including Foreclosure) Misc. Remedy, & Tax