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Abraham Lincoln Statue, Bunker Hill, IL
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Lincoln statueOn September 7, 1904, The Lincoln Monument was donated by Captain Charles Clinton of Company B 1st Missouri Cavalry volunteers. A crowd of more than 5,000 was estimated to have attended the dedication ceremony. A procession was formed at 9 a.m. and marched over principal streets. The line of marchers was over half a mile in length. Many of the residences along the parade route were decorated. Professor S. L. Stiver, superintendent of the Bunker Hill Military Academy, was master of ceremonies. Miss Mary True, daughter of Moses True, unveiled the monument. Among those present at the dedication ceremony were the survivors of Company B.

They were:
Captain Clinton, Avondale, Ohio
John Dennison, Carlinville, Illinois
Jas. G. Rumbolz, Bunker Hill, Illinois
Fred Dabel, Bunker Hill, Illinois
Herman Heuer, Dorsey, Illinois
Jas. Lawrence, Carlinville, Illinois
Jas. Pocklington, Carlinville, Illinois
John Brandenburger, Bunker Hill, Illinois
E. S. Williams, Bunker Hill, Illinois
August Kardel, Upper Alton, Illinois

Resting upon the first base is the bronze statue of a woman in the act of inscribing upon the stone, "with malice toward none." The stylus in her hand is resting upon the finished letter "e" of the word "None." Upon the side of the monument are two bronzed plates inscribed with these words:

Abraham Lincoln
Sixteenth President
Born, February 12, 1809
Died, April 15, 1865


In Everlasting memory of the conflict by which the union was preserved and in which they took part, this statue of Abraham Lincoln was presented to the citizens of Bunker Hill By the soldiers of Company "B" of the first Missouri Cavalry Charles Clinton, Captain