Elected Officials

Anne Boehm
Macoupin County Treasurer


The County Treasurer is the custodian of public funds.  It is also the responsibility of the Treasurer to receive and distribute the revenue and public monies of the county.  No money or funds shall be paid out of any county treasury, except in accordance with an order of the county board, or when payment is specially authorized by law to be made. The Treasurer shall keep proper books of account, in which shall be kept a regular, just and true account of all monies, revenues, and funds received, stating particularly the kind of funds received, the date when, by whom and on what account each particular sum in money or other funds was received, and also of all monies, revenues and funds paid out agreeably to law, stating particularly the date when, to whom, and on what account payment is made.  Quarterly and annual fiscal year reports are prepared for all the funds under the Treasurer’s jurisdiction.

The County Treasurer has the authority and obligation to invest monies in compliance with the guidelines and restrictions set forth in the statutes. The county’s money is invested in banks within Macoupin County. Investment objectives are safety of principal, liquidity, and maximum rate of return.

Each month the Treasurer shall file a monthly report with the County Clerk and the County Board summarizing the financial status of their office, including the amounts of money invested in banks.

The County Collector is responsible for the preparation and mailing of the real estate, mobile home, and the drainage districts tax bills within the county. It is also the responsibility of the County Collector to collect the taxes and to distribute the tax money proportionately to the taxing districts.
The monies received are kept in Interest Bearing Accounts and/or invested. The interest earned on these accounts is disbursed to the various taxing districts.

The County Treasurer holds an annual tax sale towards the end of each year’s collection cycle, per State Statutes, to sell the tax on every parcel that remains unpaid.

The Treasurer collects transfers of monies from the State. These transfers include in part; sales tax, supplemental sales tax, income tax, personal property replacement tax, salary reimbursements, and motor fuel tax.

In Macoupin County the Treasurer is the authorized agent for the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund for all of the county employees. All records are kept in the office and monthly reports of IMRF earnings and contributions are submitted to IMRF.

For any additional information regarding the above, please call the Treasurers Office (217) 854-4014.