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Macoupin County
Supervisor of Assessments


Illinois counties, with the exception of Cook County, have a local appeal body known as the Board of Review. Complaints on assessments must be filed in writing with the Board of Review in the county in which the property is located. The Board of Review publishes rules regarding appeals. Check with the Board of Review office for the rules in your county.

The Board of Review office will supply you with a complaint form. The Board of Review will review your written complaint, and notify you of their tentative decision. You may request a hearing after you have received your written decision. You may represent yourself or have an attorney represent you.

It is important to remember that you are appealing the assessment of your property upon which the actual bill will be based. The Board of Review does not have the authority to change a tax bill.

Macoupin County Board of Review Rules

Board of Review

Beaver Coatney (217)854-7927
Richard Mottershaw (217)854-8704
Donald Brown (618)635-2135